What makes us fat?

July 29, 2013 This is by no means a new topic but it will remain a hot topic for years to come. The sole intention of this article to stimulate thought, not to sway opinion. In an industry riddled with myths and misinformation, the ability to think critically and laterally is... Read full article »

The debate about sports drinks

July 29, 2013 Ever since the BBC programme Panorama investigated the advertising claims behind some popular sports products such as sports drinks, there has been a growing debate about the real efficacy of these products. There is no doubt that consumers are bombarded by messages... Read full article »

Life in the Olympic village

July 29, 2013 As you sit back and watch the best athletes in the world battle it out for Olympic glory, you will have noticed that the margins between winning and losing at this level are minute. Basic nutrition for health and performance will not turn you into an Olympic legend,... Read full article »

Late night recovery: London 2012

July 29, 2013 Evening games may be great for television viewing figures but they offer athletes some difficult challenges in terms of rest and recovery. With less than 48 hours between games, aggressive recovery strategies are vital. From a nutrition point of view, this means... Read full article »

London 2012 reflections

July 29, 2013 Since leaving the Olympic village, I’ve received many questions about how all athletes were catered for during the games. Why don’t athletes have kitchens in their apartments to prepare their own food? How does a large catering operation deal with all the... Read full article »