What is mindful eating?

July 17, 2015 Changing our attitude and mindset towards our eating habits and practices is just as important as our knowledge about what constitutes a healthy diet and what we actually put in our mouths. Mindful eating may sound a little too holistic for many of us to take... Read full article »
Food label1

Changes to food labelling

August 25, 2014 You may have already noticed changes to food labelling as a result of new European legislation. If you haven’t, all labels will have changed by the 13th December this year (2014). Food labelling is a useful tool to help inform us about our food choices.... Read full article »

Are superfoods just a gimmick?

April 26, 2014 Superfoods are all the rage at the moment. We love looking out for the next fruit of food that will transform our health and vitality in just a few mouthfuls. However, should we really be choosing these foods over seasonal, and often cheaper, alternatives? I’m not... Read full article »