How important are school meals?

November 8, 2013 Research has found a clear connection between good nutrition and student achievement, and schools that provide healthy meals report fewer behavior problems. Recent research by the School Food Trust showed that school meals in England are now consistently more... Read full article »
Good and bad food

Should we look at foods as good and bad?

September 18, 2013 If you’re aiming to eat a healthy balanced diet, no food should be considered totally off limits. However, there are some foods that are better to eat at certain times than others. Essentially, food is there to be enjoyed and is no longer just a basic requirement.... Read full article »
low fat ingredients

The food industry, dieting and profit

September 3, 2013 Recent media reports have hit out at the food industry for making us fat, and to make matters worse, for profiting from making us thin. The BBC documentary ‘The Men Who Make Us Thin’ is well worth a watch. It can be argued that there is a bias of opinion from the... Read full article »

Portion control - Is serving size the problem?

August 10, 2013 Many of us were brought up, and can remember being to told to ‘finish what’s on my plate!’ If you take time to reflect on this message, it was of course driven with the positive intentions to reduce an individuals fussiness towards food, whilst simultaneously... Read full article »