An Olympic breakfast: London 2012

July 29, 2013 I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve preached the importance of a good breakfast! All of my games at the Olympics are played in the evening, which means the luxury of a late start to the day. It would be very easy just to grab a coffee and skip the effort of... Read full article »

Intermittent fasting

July 29, 2013 As with any diet, the underlining principles are as follows:
  • Control calorie intake
  • Eat quality unrefined foods
  • Exercise regularly
How these principles are translated and moulded into dietary guidelines or weight loss... Read full article »

The buffet conundrum

July 29, 2013 I have one final blog from the US Open that I wanted to share… It follows on from some of the core messages that came through the previous four blogs - eating within a buffet environment. I believe this is a skill, and one that requires good habits, behaviours, and... Read full article »