Corporate packages

Whether you want to decrease absenteeism or increase productivity,  AWON offers a variety of wellness programmes to help employees to understand how simple and sustainable changes to their diet can significantly improve energy levels, improve focus and concentration, promote quality sleep and positively impact general health and wellbeing.

AWON delivers evidence-based nutrition education focussed on behaviour change. Our programmes are personalized to your needs and designed to ensure health and energy are part of your culture.

AWON corporate wellness programmes include:

Nutrition workshops
Nutrition workshops are a cost-effective way to deliver education to a large number of employees and target multiple topics. Workshops bring employees together and help them support each other in making healthier choices.

Popular workshops cover topics such as boosting energy, promoting sleep, reducing stress, balancing mood, weight loss, and mindful eating. Our nutritionists make the science simple and the advice engaging and practical.

1:1 nutrition counselling
Our nutritionists meet with employees to work on specific diet related concerns and provide the information and support they need to live and work in optimal health. The employees health history and current diet and lifestyle choices will be reviewed, an eating plan created and practical solutions recommended ensuring the employee achieves their goals.

Individual sessions are available with each initial consultation lasts one hour, and follow-up consultations last thirty minutes. 3, 6 or 9-month support packages are recommended to provide a comprehensive education programme and create long-term behaviour change.

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