Do you know how many portions of fruit and vegetables you eat?

February 21, 2014

We all know fruit and vegetables are good for us but what is all the fuss really about? Fruit and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and all kinds of nutrients, fibre and water. Diets rich in fruit and veg are associated with better health such as lower heart attack risk, lower risks of some cancers, decreased obesity and healthier looking skin.

Even if we are aware of just how healthy fruit and vegetables are, I’m not entirely sure the majority of us know what constitutes a portion in the first place. How many cherry tomatoes do I add to my salad, will 4 Brussels sprouts be enough or should I eat the whole punnet of cherries to get the benefit?

There is a recent debate as to whether 5 portions of fruit and vegetables are sufficient to optimise health, particularly in an active population. However, before we even go near this question, we first need to understand what constitutes a portion. Here is a list of some of the most popular fruit and vegetables and their portion sizes:

1 banana

1 apple

2 kiwi

2 satsumas

3 apricots

7 strawberries

14 cherries

½ grapefruit

1 heaped tablespoon dried fruit

150ml glass of unsweetened 100% fruit or vegetable juice

½ avocado

2 handful blueberries

2 broccoli spears

2 heaped tablespoons cooked kale

2 heaped tablespoons cooked spinach

2 heaped tablespoons cooked green beans

3 heaped tablespoons of cooked

carrots, peas or sweetcorn

8 cauliflower florets

3 sticks of celery

5cm piece of cucumber

1 medium tomato

7 cherry tomatoes

8 Brussels sprouts

1 leek (white portion only)

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