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Eat yourself happy

We know food can make your body work better – but can it have the same effect on your mind too?

Ditch the diet

Really nice view on how we have become pre-occupied with the wrong thing. If diets were so revolutionary, life would be simple. Unfortunately, its...

Nice little video. Is a calorie just a calorie?

A unit of alcohol

Do you know what a unit of alcohol is? Well if you’ve never been absolutely certain, this should help!

A different view on the Paleo diet

Always nice to listen to a different view point on popular nutrition topics. Some simple messages to take home on the Paleo diet and exactly how...

The placebo effect

A fantastic video that provides an interesting insight into the placebo effect. I’m not sure we can ever under-play the impact of the...

Coeliac UK - Myth busting

Confused with Coeliac disease and whether foods are suitable or not. This great resource will help

Coeliac UK - Reading food labels

A nice and simple video on reading food labels for those with Coeliac disease

Challenging dogma: An alternative view on the cause of diabetes

In this nice video from TEDtalks, Peter Attia discusses his real life experience of treating an individual with diabetes, and the subsequent...

Ben Goldacre and Bad Science!

A fantastic video summary of Ben Goldacre’s book, Bad Science, from the man himself. Ben discusses evidence based practice, and how easily...