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Healthy Eating

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    Supplement Focus: Vitamin D

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    Portion control

    It is only one part of the jigsaw, but certainly portion control...
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    Nutrition to aid sleep

    A good nights sleep contributes significantly to feelings of...
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    Healthy eating: The basics

    No matter what your goal, you have to get the basics...
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  • What does “Organic” actually mean or refer to?

    Organic refers to the way some foods are grown and processed. For a food to be labeled as organic there are specific requirements that must be met. For example, crops must be grown in safe soil, must not be modified, must be free from pesticides, GMOs and fertilizers, livestock must have access to the outdoors, be fed organic feed and may not be given antibiotics or growth hormone.

  • What are preservatives?

    Preservatives are chemicals added to a food or another ingredient to keep it from spoiling or rotting and lasting longer. Food manufacturers, to block the growth of harmful microorganisms and improve the appearance of the food, also use preservatives.

  • What are additives?

    Additives are any non-food substance added to food to improve its flavour, appearance or shelf life. Some additives such as vinegar and salt have been used for centuries. With the development of processed foods many more artificial additives are now used. Although the health implications of consuming artificial additives have yet to be established, some people may be less tolerant to them than others.