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    Hydration basics

    The basics of hydration. Its not just about drinking 2 litres a...
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  • Does oxygenated water really exist?

    Oxygenated water is water that has had additional oxygen introduced into the water under pressure. Among the touted benefits for oxygen water is that a person will have more oxygen pumped into the blood stream. Unfortunately, humans do not absorb significant amounts of oxygen through their digestive systems. There is no scientific evidence that oxygenated drinking water has any benefits.

  • Is a hot lemon drink good in the morning?

    Creating the right routine in the morning is an important nutrition habit. For a cheap and convenient boost to your health in the morning, try a cup of warm water with lemon. Lemons are high in vitamin C and potassium therefore boosting the immune system. Similarly warm water aids digestion, and lemons are an alkaline food helping to balance blood pH. It might not always replace your morning cup of coffee, but it might not be a bad habit to try and address.

  • People sometimes use the term hypohydration, what does this mean?

    Hypohydration refers to the steady-state condition of decreased water content. For example, dehydration as a result sweat losses during exercise results in a hypohydrated state.

  • What is dehydration?

    Dehydration refers to the dynamic loss of water or the transition from euhydration to hypohydration. Dehydration can result from illness, surgery, sweating, insufficient fluid intake and overuse of diuretics or other medications that increase urination. Dehydration can disrupt the fluid-salt balance needed to maintain healthy cells and tissues. Dehydration in excess of 2% body mass loss may impair exercise performance and cognitive functioning.