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    Gluten-free checklist

    If you are unsure on which foods are typically gluten-free then...
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    Lactose intolerance: The basics

    Frequently discussed, but not always well understood –...
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  • What are the gluten-free levels in food?

    There are two categories:

    – Foods containing 20ppm gluten or less can be labelled ‘gluten-free’

    – Foods containing 21-100ppm gluten can be labelled ‘very low gluten’

  • What does gluten-free really mean

    The term ‘gluten-free’ implies no gluten. However, it is not possible to test for zero levels of gluten. Those with coeliac disease are able to safely tolerate a very small amount of gluten, so be aware that low levels of gluten are allowed in products that may be labelled gluten free.