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Full-fat yoghurt may reduce risk of obesity

For some time now, research has indicated that obese adults who eat a high diary diet lose more body weight and fat than those who eat a low dairy diet containing the same number of calories. Most of the healthy eating guidelines state that we should concentrate on eating low-fat sources of dairy suck as skimmed milk, fat-free yoghurts and minimal cheese.

However, if you’re interested in reducing your risk of obesity, you may be better off choosing full fat dairy. Research showed that eating full fat yoghurt reduced the risk of obesity by almost a fifth. The benefits were most noticeable, unsurprisingly, in people who already ate a healthy meditation diet.

Education is vital to help people make informed decisions about the foods they eat, however, it’s not too hard to guess that you’re better off if you choose yoghurt and fruit for pudding over cake and cream! Where the detail comes in is WHY full-fat dairy?

If you remove fat from a product, it has to be replaced with something else to make sure it still tastes good. The ‘something else’ is usually sugar or sweeteners. In the case of yoghurt, low-fat varieties can contain around 15g sugar per 100g. Flavoured yoghurts or yoghurts with added fruit are also much higher in sugar than plain or natural varieties. Therefore, the majority of the time, you are better off choosing full-fat plain or natural yogurts. Next time you go shopping, have a look for yourself and check out the nutritional information of a couple of brands.