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Mood enhancing foods

Food is a medicine. If used in the correct way, it can have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing. Now, those of you who have breezed through life eating whatever takes your fancy; from Crunchy Nut Cornflakes in the morning to chicken burgers and chips in the evening, maybe think you’re absolutely fine. However, eating a diet high in trans fats, refined carbohydrates and low in fibre, vitamins and minerals is inadequate for our bodies and has even been linked to depression and stress.

Until you’ve committed to a diet containing quality protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables you’ll struggle to comprehend the differences in mood, energy, concentration and essentially health, that this can have. I use the word ‘committed’ because it IS a huge commitment. We live in a society flooded with branding, packaging, and marketing messages that make it very difficult to understand what really is healthy. In addition, busy lifestyles and the availability of cheap convenience foods really challenges our desire to eat an optimum diet.

To start your journey towards understanding the impact food can have on your health, try incorporating some of these health and mood boosting foods into your diet and see for yourself. Don’t expect a miracle straight away. Stick with these foods for at least 3 months to really see the benefits.

Example meals:

> Breakfast: Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, Greek yoghurt with nuts, rye bread with nut butter, porridge

> Lunch: Avocado and tuna salad, mackerel sandwich on brown bread, mixed bean salad

> Dinner: Grilled steak with steamed broccoli, kale and green beans, homemade chicken curry with brown rice, grilled salmon with bok choy, peppers and mushrooms.