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Starting your weight loss journey

Everyone starts his or her weight loss journey at a different point. Whether you are looking to lose 4 stone or 4 kilos, there are some similar principles you need to follow to get you started.

The first step is gaining an understanding of which unhealthy foods you consume in excess, and need to reduce in your diet, and which foods you need to eat more of. It’s not about counting calories just yet.

Work your way through the top tips outlined below and start making small changes to your diet. Remember – even a small change is a worthwhile change if you commit to it over a long period of time.

Foods to reduce in your diet:

Foods to increase in your diet:

The good news is that there are certain foods we want to encourage you eat more of in your diet. These foods should replace the foods outlined in the list above.


For the 3 days, write down everything you have eaten. You don’t need to record portion sizes or go into too much detail. Just make sure you capture the types of foods you have been eating. When you look back through your diary, think about the following questions:

Looking at your answers, what two goals will you set yourself for the next couple of weeks? What do you have to do to achieve it? Be as specific and as realistic as possible when planning how to achieve your goal. If your aim, for example, is to swap your sugary breakfast cereal in the morning with porridge, ask yourself why you haven’t been doing it already and what change you need to make to ensure you stick to your goal in the future. Maybe you need to remove all boxes of cereal from your house and learn to make porridge in the microwave so it’s quick and easy in the morning.

My two goals for the next few weeks are……….

Example: I will swap my mid-morning Starbucks caramel macchiato with a skinny latte and eat a piece of fruit to help with my morning sugar craving. I will take my piece of fruit to work so I don’t have to rely on buying some when I’m in the coffee shop.