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The top eight food allergies

Although you could develop an allergy to many foods, there are eight that represent the most common. Here is our quick guide to the top 8, along with some simple tips to help eat around them


Avoid:  cow’s milk and all related food products such as butter, cheese, cream, ice cream, cottage cheese and yoghurt.

Watch out for: Deli meats, vegetarian burgers, sorbets, chocolate and many salad dressings and mayonnaise

Alternatives: Rice, soy and/or almond milk


Avoid:  Without stating the obvious… eggs!

Watch out for: Ice cream, pasta, meatballs, bread and mayonnaise

Alternatives: Not so much a cooking alternative, just general creativity for replacing an excellent protein source throughout the day


Avoid:  Peanut butter, mixed nuts and peanut oil

Watch out for: Several sauces in Asian, African and Mexican meals, chocolate, and nut butters

Alternatives: Use honey as an alternative to nut butters, popcorn as snack and additional nuts in cooking (e.g. cashews or almonds) assuming there is no allergy too tree nuts


Avoid:  Walnuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, pecans, macadamia nuts, ad many more

Watch out for: Cereals, chocolate, pesto and some natural and artificial flavours

Alternatives: Dried fruit and nut-free mixes as simple snack options


Avoid:  Tuna, salmon, cod and many more. Check also link to seafood and shellfish

Watch out for: Anchovy pastes, Worcestershire sauce and fish sauce

Alternatives: General meat alternatives to match protein intake, or for vegetarians, several beans and pulses


Avoid:  Prawns, crab, muscle and several more

Watch out for: Fish stocks and many flavourings

Alternatives: All about creativity in the kitchen, the key is to ensure you have a suitable protein intake in the diet from other sources


Avoid: Soymilk, tofu, edamame, soybeans, spy protein isolate, soy sauce, soy nuts, miso

Watch out for: Tuna, deli meats, vegetable broth, cereals, soups and several vegetarian products

Alternatives: Rice milk, and a wide range of fresh vegetables.


Avoid:  Wheat based pasta, cereals, breads, bran, wheat germ, bulgur wheat

Watch out for: Processed snacks and foods, couscous, soy sauce

Alternatives: A variety of food exist on the market now, including different pasta, quinoa and rice noodles