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A few quick bites on your favourite restaurants!

PIZZA EXPRESS has introduced their Legerra lighter range which is a great choice if you don’t want to compromise your nutrition goals.  All pizza’s in this range have a thin base, nutritious toppings and a rocket salad, all for 500kcal or less.  Salads at pizza express are also a good option and the calorie content can be lowered substantially by asking for the salad without dough sticks.

KFC’s original recipe salad is a great option if you are watching your nutritional intake with just 258kcal per serve.  If a burger is your preferred choice, go for the fillet burger which has minimal cheese, no hash browns and has a substantially lower calorie intake than burgers that do include these options.  To avoid further unwanted calories and fat, swap fries for a corn on the cob side and avoid the box meals – all are 990kcal or more!!!

WASABI offers a variety of fast food Japanese options.  The sushi range and box sets containing fish are high in protein, low in fat and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which are known to have a number of health benefits.  Add a side salad of Edamame beans to your sushi for some added rich amino acids and Vitamin C.

PING PONG offer a healthy selection set menu which is just 346kcal per serving and includes soup, steamed dumplings and rice.  This is an excellent choice if you’re watching your calorie intake as its half the calories of the standard set menu.  Watch out for dishes that say ‘crispy’, ‘baked’ or ‘fried’ as they are going to have a relatively high fat content.  Instead look to dishes which are steamed.

ASK now offer a half portion pasta main course with a side salad making it a great option for those with weight loss or maintenance goals.  The linguine con frutti di mare is 483kcal for a full portion and just 297kcal for a half portion.  Pizza on the other hand start at 720kcal making them a poor choice if you are wary of your calorie intake.  If you fancy something lighter than a pasta dish, choose a salad.  All menu’s now offer the salads without dressing which can lower the meal by up to 500kcal!

ZIZZI now have a ‘guilt free dishes’ range which makes choosing a healthy option quick and convenient when dining.  Options don’t just include your healthy standard salads but lighter pasta dishes, risotto dishes, grilled fish and meat dishes, meaning there is an option to satisfy all your food needs!  Fancy a pizza? Don’t worry, Zizzi also do a skinny version of pizza with a thin base and all with plenty of delicious toppings.

BURGER KING like many other fast food outlets now offer a much wider range than standard burgers.  If you do have nutrition goals in mind, opt for a chicken salad or wrap which are substantially lower in calories and fat than many of the burger options.  If you would like to opt for a burger save yourself some calories by choosing one without cheese!

YO SUSHI have a great nutritional resource that can be accessed on their website. They use a traffic light colour coding system so you can quickly identify choices from their menu that meet your nutrition targets.  Swap chicken katsu curry for a standard chicken katsu which more than halves the calories and fat, not to mention the salt content.  For the best choice for a quick lunch option go for tuna sashimi with just 65 calories, low in fat and salt, yet high in protein.

MCDONALDS like many other fast food outlets now have a number of healthier choices on their menu.  If you want to stick to the standard menu, avoid burgers with cheese, hash browns and mayonnaise to lower fat content.  Instead go for a hamburger or chicken burger.  Don’t be tempted by the sides, one milkshake may seem innocent but contains a whopping 500 calories!