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Are fresh or frozen fruits & veggies more nutritious?

Frozen foods of any description tend to get a bad reputation because people immediately think of ready meals and processed burgers and sausages. However, with most of us shopping less and less frequently, and more relying on home delivers, it’s not uncommon for the fresh fruit and vegetables to run out long before the store cupboard staples. Which begs the question, is it worth stocking the freezer with some frozen fruit and vegetables? However, are they an equally healthy choice compared to fresh fruit and vegetables?

Recent research looked at the nutritional profile of fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables purchased from a range of UK supermarkets. The results showed that frozen fruit and vegetables were actually higher in some nutrients such as vitamin C, polyphenols and beta-carotene.

Needless to say, handpicking your carrots from the back garden, giving them a wash and chucking them in a salad is still the most nutritious choice. However, if you don’t have your own allotment or local grower, frozen fruit and vegetables provide a great alternative.

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