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You may have already heard that 70% dark chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate due to the higher levels of flavanols it contains, but does this really give us license to indulge? Dark chocolate may be an improvement on a Mars bar or Dairy Milk but it still contains sugar and fat.

Raw chocolate has grown in popularity and promises to satisfy our chocolate craving whilst boosting our antioxidant and magnesium intake without the spike in blood sugar that accompanies milk chocolate consumption. Can raw chocolate really deliver all this?

The beans are the source of the flavonoids and plant sterols that may have a beneficial effect on heart health.  The flavonoids are antioxidant compounds, which help protect cells against free radical damage. The other benefits of chocolate include reducing inflammation, reducing blood pressure and also potentially improving insulin sensitivity and avoiding high insulin levels.

Chocolate, even in its purest form, is still not great for you if you eat it in large quantities. Regardless of its guise, it should always be used as a treat food. We’re afraid to say, you’re better off getting your antioxidants and flavonoids elsewhere!

Top tips for choosing the healthiest chocolate: