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Review of dark and raw chocolate bars by the Great Britain hockey teams

To mark the end of National Chocolate Week, we asked the Great Britain Men’s and Women’s hockey teams to help review some of the most popular dark and raw chocolate bars on the supermarket shelves. Here’s what they thought:

Montezuma (72%cocoa)

Very similar to Green and Blacks, this chocolate is light and smooth with a sweeter than usual taste due to added sugar. If you’re new to dark chocolate, this is probably a good place to start. It was a solid performer with both the Great Britain squads.

Conscious (50% cacao)

This handmade chocolate is free from dairy, soya and gluten and naturally sweetened with agave nectar. It has a very soft consistency, almost putty like, and a slight hint of cinnamon and coconut definitely comes through. I’m afraid neither squad found this bar particularly tasty!

Pacari (70% cacao)

This raw chocolate bar may have been the winner of the World Chocolate Awards in 2012 but it didn’t win Gold with our Great Britain athletes. It’s grainy texture and slightly artificial aftertaste did not make this a pleasurable treat.


Valrhona (70% cacao)

A bit hit with the Great Britain teams with its sweet and elegant flavour. Described as smooth and creamy, this chocolate will certainly be making it into the treat cupboard. However, due to its added sugar content, this chocolate should certainly be kept for emergencies only!

Green and Blacks (70%)

Similar to Montezuma, this chocolate was a popular choice with the athletes. It has a good balance between bitter and sweet and is easily available in most supermarkets. It’s not the most interesting of chocolates and it’s added sugar means it’s not the healthiest choice but nonetheless, you know it will put a smile on your face!

Lovechock (80% cacao)

This bar is made from 100% raw chocolate and is sweetened with dried coconut-blossom nectar. The cocoa nibs provide a great crunchy texture to the chocolate. It is sweet to taste with very little bitterness to it. A firm favourite with the athletes but you certainly couldn’t eat more than a couple of squares in one go – perhaps the perfect solution if you struggle with restricting your chocolate intake!

Raw (80% cocoa)


This chocolate sat at the bottom of the table alongside Pacari due to its slightly chemical taste, lack of intensity and its similarity with cooking chocolate. This vegan friendly chocolate contains no added sugar is made completely from raw ingredients, making it one of the healthiest and ethically sourced chocolates in our selection. Unfortunately, this was not quite enough to convince our Great Britain squads to go back for seconds.

Star buy: Valrhona and Lovechock