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The coffee conundrum

The morning just wouldn’t be the same without a hot cup of coffee to perk you up and kick-start your brain into a whirl of productivity and alertness, right? The number of coffee shops such as Starbucks, Costa and Café Nero lining our routes to work is a sign of the ever-growing popularity of the coffee culture in Britain.

A couple of cups of coffee a day will rarely do you any harm but what about when your home brew instant blend no longer hits the mark? Most of us love something at Starbucks, whether it’s an ice cold Frappucino or a sugar filled caramel Machiato, but most of us are unaware of the calorie burden incurred from indulging in these pic-me-up beverages.

First of all, lets look at some of the drinks that won’t hit your dietary goals too badly. The drinks listed below are all under 200 kcal:

Any drink containing over 300 kcal can almost be considered a meal! If you’re grabbing one of these calorie-laden beverages before work, at lunch or on the way home, you’ll be taking on some serious empty calories that’ll hit your waist-line hard. Some of the worst offenders include:

If you’re trying to improve your diet make sure you invest as much time looking at what you’re eating as to what you’re drinking. You don’t need to abandon your love for coffee altogether, but if you are a sucker for the a little bit of whipped cream on top of your Starbucks drink, think about making a swap for one of the better alternatives.