Marathon Nutrition Toolkit


Our team at A Word ON Nutrition has compiled this Marathon Training Nutrition Toolkit  to support your marathon training. It provides you with all the education and practical advice you need to ensure your diet keeps you healthy and performing at your best, day-in-day-out.

Contents includes:

– What should my daily diet look like when I’m training?

– How do I adapt my diet to support my training?

– I’m a vegetarian, how do I make sure my diet provides all the required nutrients?

– What sports nutrition strategies can I use to maximise my training performance?

– I’m looking for that extra edge – is fasted training right for me?

– How do I adapt my diet if I’m suffering from illness?

– How do I adapt my diet if I’m suffering from injury?

– Are there any supplements that will help my training and performance?

– What are the most common Q & A’s from the running community?