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After exercise

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    Example recovery snacks

    Do you know what the good examples of post exercise recovery...
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    The basics of recovery

    This is your no nonsense guide to recovery post training
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  • How bad is it to drink alcohol after a game?

    Alcohol acts a diuretic and may slow down the process of rehydration after the match. Despite what you may have heard about beer and carbohydrate-loading, alcoholic drinks are low in carbohydrate content and will not help replenish your muscle glycogen stores. If you are going to drink, ideally you should rehydrate and refuel after a match prior to indulging in 1-2 drinks MAXIMUM!

  • What are good carbohydrate & protein recovery snacks?
    • 250-300ml milk shake or fruit smoothie
    • 1 large bowl (2 cups) breakfast cereal with milk
    • 1 large or 2 small cereal bars + 200g fruit-flavoured yoghurt
    • 220g baked beans on 2 slices of toast
    • 1 bread roll with cheese/meat filling + large banana
    • 300g (bowl) fruit salad with 200g fruit-flavoured yoghurt
    • 2 crumpets with nut butter + 250ml glass of milk
    • 300g (large) baked potato + cottage cheese / tuna
  • I watched a programme about milk being as good as any recovery shake, is that true?

    Its true! To help promote recovery, the recommendations clearly state 20-25g of fast acting protein (e.g. whey), and 1.2g/kg body weight of carbohydrate. It is easy to get the hit of protein from milk, a recovery shake or a chicken sandwich, but the carbohydrate becomes a little tougher if you like to be detailed enough regarding your body weight. That aside, evidence shows the benefits of milk in improving recovery similar to that of classical supplements. There are small differences between formulations for those who want to know more, but the question is a good one, and the answer is yes.