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Adapting your diet for long runs

Most runners are well aware of the need to fuel their body and keep well hydrated during a marathon race. However, it’s not uncommon to find runners that have a poor understanding of the need to pay just as much attention to their longer training runs. Getting your nutrition right on these runs will help your body to adapt to the training load, recover before your next run and reduce the risk of injury and illness.

It’s important to remember that the second most important factor behind training for a marathon is nutrition. How you choose to fuel your body has a significant impact on your performance and ultimately, your enjoyment of the whole marathon experience.

Establishing an eating strategy to support your longer training runs can help to:

Training runs lasting longer than 90 minutes require nutritional support, as stored energy in your muscles will begin to deplete and the speed at which you can maintain will decline. Fuelling your muscles will boost your work rate and help you feel fresher for the next session. If any of the points above sound familiar, nutrition can help you. Small dietary changes can make significant differences.

Step-by-step preparation

See Meal Planner Guides for ideas on how to plan your diet for morning or evening long training runs.