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Ergogenic aids for tennis players

Specialised sport foods and supplements can play a valuable role in the achievement of sports nutrition goals and optimal performance. Supplements such as sports drinks, sports gels, sport bars, multivitamin and mineral supplements and electrolyte supplements can be useful for achieving nutritional goals.

Supplements likely benefit to tennis players:



How it will benefit

Sport drinks Use to refuel and rehydrate during and after prolonged matches and training. Contains electrolytes to help replace sweat loss.


Sport gels Convenient and compact carbohydrate source used for additional refuelling during matches.


Sport bars Convenient, portable and easy-to-consume source of carbohydrate, protein and micronutrients for prematch meal or post exercise recovery. Contributes to high energy needs. Useful for the travelling athlete.


Multivitamin and mineral supplement Supplemental source of micronutrients for travelling when food supply is less reliable. Useful during prolonged periods of energy restriction.


Electrolyte supplements Additional source of sodium for replacement during exercise by cramp-prone players with heavy sweat and electrolyte losses.