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Food and fluid guidelines pre-match or training

Pre-match / training food intake:

This meal should be eaten 2-4 hours before the match. It should be high in carbohydrate, low in fat, low to moderate in protein but with a low amount of fibre if nerves send you running to the bathroom.

Too much protein will slow down the movement of foods from the stomach and will make you feel uncomfortable. It should provide approximately 200-300g carbohydrate.

Pre-match /training snack (60 minutes before):

You may find it beneficial to eat a small carbohydrate snack 30-60minutes before the match to top up energy levels.  This could include:

Pre-match / training fluid intake:

400 – 600ml water should be consumed 2 –3 hours before exercise to allow sufficient time for your body to get rid of any excess fluid. Only start drinking sports drinks 10-20 minutes before you start exercise. Sports drinks are useful before exercise if carbohydrate intake during the day has not been optimal or if there has been a long gap between the last meal/snack and the training session or if the session will be high intensity.