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Marathon recovery

It’s important you start refueling and rehydrating as soon as possible after exercise to ensure you give your body the best chance of recovering. Once you start clocking up the +16 mile training runs, this is the perfect time to use nutrition to help recover.

“Ingest 1 g carbohydrate per kg body weight + 20 g protein + 500 ml fluid within 60 min of finishing”

There are many commercially available products that combine carbohydrate and protein in a drink format that may be convenient to keep in your car or in your race bag for when you can’t get some whole foods on board. Some runners struggle to eat food this close after heavy exercise so drinks are a better format to ease digestion. If you have sweated heavily it’s important you replace the salts lost in sweat in addition to the fluid. Eating a salty snack or adding salt to your post race meal are good strategies to deal with this. Great post race snacks include:

Continue to eat a similar snack every 2 hours until you are able to eat a proper meal. This meal should consist of easy to digest foods such as pasta, tomato based sauces, jacket potatoes, noodles, fish, chicken and low fat cheese.