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Nutrition for footballers: Foods to protect, provide energy and repair


When you’re training week in week out, it’s important to help protect your immune system with the right balance of nutrients. This will reduce your risk of injury and illness.

Natural Immunity boosters

75% cocoa chocolate Green tea
Ginger Olive oil
Garlic Berries
Spices Manuka honey
Chilli’s Fresh fruit & vegetables

Provide Energy

Your diet should be rich in sources of carbohydrate such as potato, pasta, rice, cereals, oats, bread and couscous to ensure you have sufficient energy to perform. Fuelling before, during and after training is essential (click here for more information) .

Even with a busy schedule and limited time to eat before training, there are some simple strategies to help ensure you have sufficient fuel to maximise training.


Eating the right foods after training and matches is essential to help your body repair from the stress it has just undertaken. Feed your muscles with 15-25g of protein at every meal throughout the day. Lean sources include chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy and tofu. To maximise recovery from training and matches, a small carbohydrate snack combined with some protein is optimal. For example, peanut butter sandwich, chocolate milk, yoghurt with nuts or chicken wrap.