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Practical sports nutrition for young athletes

Start exercise fully hydrated and fuelled

Meal ideas before exercise (2–4 hours before)
Cereal with nuts, fruit and milk with fruit juice
Granary toast with nut butter, marmite, jam or honey
Baked beans on toast
Bagel or sandwich with cream cheese, salad, chicken or tuna and fruit
Pasta or ravioli with tomato-based sauce, chicken or mince and cooked vegetables
Baked sweet potato with tuna, cheese or baked beans
Yoghurt with oats and nuts
Fajitas with chicken, salad, salsa and sweet potato wedges
Baked salmon with rice and vegetables

Rehydrate and refuel as needed during exercise

Snack ideas (before or during exercise)
Fruit smoothie, yoghurt or chocolate milkshake
Fruit (banana, tropical fruit, raisins)
Sandwich made with a banana, honey or jam
Oat based cereal bar

Recover after exercise

Snack ideas for recovery (after exercise)
Meat filled sandwich and fruit
Fruit bread with a handful of nuts
Pretzels and fruit juice
Home made fruit smoothie (banana, milk, chocolate powder, oats)
Cereal and milk
Oat cakes or rice cakes with cheese or peanut butter
Yoghurt with oats, berries or raisins
Chocolate milkshake (homemade if possible)