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Protein for promoting muscle growth

The protein landscape is continually changing as science advances and trends change. Consequently, recommendations for protein intake are regularly being updated and refined.

If muscle hypertrophy (growth) is the goal, current recommendations for average daily protein intakes are insufficient. To maximise muscle growth, muscle protein synthesis (MPS) has to be stimulated post strength exercise and at regular intervals throughout the day. The source, pattern and timing of protein intake all need to be considered to maximise growth.

Practical recommendations 

  1. Consume 0.25-0.30g per kg body weight of protein with breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Consume a protein feed at bedtime to increase overnight stimulation of muscle protein synthesis.
  3. Consume 20-25g of protein after resistance training (~80kg athletes).
  4. If vegetarian sources of protein are consumed, increase dose with each meal to 25-30g of protein.

Find examples of food portions containing ~20g protein here: