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Tennis: Guide to hydration

Getting your hydration right is one of the easiest strategies to boost your performance and health. It’s easy to forget to drink and we all perceive thirst very differently. These guidelines will help you to create your own drinking strategy to improve your performance on and off the court.

Even a small amount of dehydration can impair mental and physical performance. Staying well hydrated during training and games is essential for optimal performance and recovery. Thirst is a poor indicator of hydration status. If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated enough to impair performance. Drinking water little and often throughout the day is recommended. You should be aiming to drink around 2-3 L a day – THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE WHAT YOU DRINK ON COURT TO REPLACE SWEAT LOSSES.

Urine colour is the simplest way to monitor your hydration status. Aim to be hydrated before training and competition and try to make sure your urine is a pale or straw colour.



Training / Match play

Drinks suitable during the day

Drinks suitable during training

Drinks to limit in your diet



Herbal tea

Fruit tea

Sports drinks

Diluted fruit juice



Squash with a pinch of salt (hot weather)

Fruit juice

Energy drinks

Fizzy drinks


Hot chocolate

Ready to drink milkshakes

Ready to drink smoothies